Blizzard’s Survival Game is Called Odyssey, Likely to be Multiplatform – Rumour

The game will also allegedly feature stylized and cartoony art similar to what’s seen in the Overwatch games.

Blizzard Entertainment announced last year that it was working on a new survival game, and though details on it have been next to non-existent since then, new information may recently have come to light courtesy of journalist Jez Corden on the Xbox Two podcast.

As per Corden, the game will be called Odyssey, which is something he has previously stated as well. Though he isn’t completely certain on the title, he says he’s “90% sure” that it’s not just a codename. Meanwhile, he also goes on to reiterate that the game is unlikely to be a graphically intensive one, and will instead implement a stylized cartoony art style similar to the Overwatch games.

Corden also says the game is likely to be multiplatform, though he does clarify that this isn’t based on something that he’s specifically heard. He also added that based on what he’s seen, he expects the game to be really well optimized and run well even on the lower spec hardware of the Xbox Series S.

As for when the game might be announced, that remains to be seen. Corden says it’s “close to being completed”, while previous reports have also suggested that the game has been in development for several years, so there’s a chance that Blizzard might be gearing up for a full announcement in the not-too-distant future.