Nintendo is Seemingly Teasing a Mysterious Horror Game

The company has uploaded a brief teaser that asks, “Who is Emio?” across YouTube and social media.

With The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom, Metroid Prime 4: Beyond, Mario and Luigi: Brothership, Super Mario Party Jamboree, and more, the Nintendo Switch has a stronger lineup of upcoming first-party titles to look forward to than you would expect for a console in its eighth year, but it looks like Nintendo has yet more in store that it hasn’t yet lifted the lid on.

Out of nowhere, the company has dropped multiple teases for what seems to be a mysterious, as-yet-unannounced horror game. A brief video uploaded on YouTube showcases some found footage-style glimpses showing a man in a trench coat and wearing a paper bag with a smiling face crudely painted on it. Some text flashes on the screen towards the end of the video, which, interestingly enough, translates to “smiling man”.

Another tease dropped on social media, meanwhile, showcases a still from the teaser trailer, and is accompanied by caption “#WhoIsEmio?”, with Emio presumably being the aforementioned smiling man. What’s more, this mystery game, whatever it is, also has an official webpage on the Nintendo website, while the European version of the game’s teaser confirms that it has a 18+ rating from PEGI- which means we can safely rule out a vast number of Nintendo properties.

What exactly is this game, or how long it’ll be before Nintendo tells us more about it remains to be seen, but the company has surely got our curiosity piqued, if nothing else.