Concord Gameplay Showcases Trophy Hunt Mode

The upcoming multiplayer shooter is getting its beta later this week, followed by a full release in August.

Those who’ve pre-ordered Concord are going to get early access to the game’s beta from July 12 to 14, with everyone else jumping in from July 18 to 21. Across these two weekends, Concord is going to offer players the chance to play four of its modes, and ahead of the beta’s imminent early access release, developer Firewalk has offered another look at one of those modes with a new clip shared on Twitter.

The Trophy Hunt mode, which will be available across both aforementioned weekends, will see teams going up against each other and trying to kill rivals to collect the bounty cards that they then drop, which is how you earn points. The team that hits the target score before the match’s timer runs out wins, with respawns also being available. Check out the clip below.

Concord launches in full for PS5 and PC on August 23.