PlayStation Portal is Currently the Best-Selling Accessory in the US for 2024

The handheld topped accessory sales charts in the United States for May 2024, though overall spending is down by eight percent.

Despite all the concerns surrounding its release, the PlayStation Portal is still performing very well for Sony. In Circana’s monthly video game sales charts for the United Charts in May 2024, executive director Mat Piscatella confirmed it was the best-selling accessory in dollar sales. Furthermore, it topped accessory sales for the year to date.

The PlayStation Portal launched in November 2023 and sold out in the US and United Kingdom within two days. Spain also saw three times the sales for the accessory compared to the Xbox Series X/Sin during its launch week.

Sony hasn’t provided sales figures on PlayStation Portal. However, PlayStation vice president of product management Hiromi Wakai confirmed last February that demand has “continued to exceed our expectations.” Head here for more details on its features.

Overall spending on accessories reached $148 million, which dropped eight percent over last year. Though gamepad spending fell by 12 percent, headphone and headset spending rose by 10 percent. Stay tuned for more updates in the meantime.