Zenless Zone Zero Lore Video Outlines The Void Hunters, Teases Mysterious Group

The video provides some context on the seven heroes who helped save New Eridu from the perspective of mysterious hackers.

miHoYo’s Zenless Zone Zero launched last week for iOS, Android, PS5 and PC, quickly surpassing 50 million downloads. However, it’s only the beginning of the free-to-play hack-and-slash title, with a new lore video providing some more background on New Eridu and the Hollows while teasing some mysterious individuals. Check it out below.

The video outlines more about the Void Hunters from the perspective of hackers accessing the Inter-Knot Database, mocking the Hollow Investigative Association for believing the Hollows are contained. One is the ancestor of Hoshimi Miyabi (the current leader of Section 6), who defeated the Exaltist Overseer. Then there’s the Marcel Group’s former CEO, Lady “Sunbringer”, who defeated the “Hive Lord” Hollow and invented Bangboo.

“Joyous”, the Investigation Guild’s Ace, is seemingly considered the predecessor to Proxies. Meanwhile, Colonel Vike, Lieutenant Colonel Dan and “the leader of the Falkenhayn Mercenary Troupe” pushed the Dark Wall back alone. Perhaps most interesting is Professor Arche, who sought to discern the similarities between Hollows and entered Hollow Zero to learn more before disappearing.

Given the mysterious group’s use of AI (including Fairy), it seems they have big plans for New Eridu’s future. In the meantime, it should be interesting to see if these characters, much less their descendants, play a role in the current story. Stay tuned for updates in the meantime.