Escape From Tarkov Arena Reveals Four New Maps For Upcoming Spin-Off

The Escape From Tarkov spin-off has revealed some brand-new maps.

Battlestate Games has revealed four new maps from its upcoming standalone shooter, Escape From Tarkov Arena. The spin-off to the acclaimed FPS will draw inspiration from the studio’s original title.

Revealed a year ago as a session-based PvP title that is separate from the main game, Escape From Tarkov Arena aims to bring “gladiatorial combat” into the title’s proven gameplay formula, allowing players to focus more on shooting each other instead of extraction and the constant search for loot. The studio also stated that the standalone project will take players to the various arenas of the city of Tarkov.

Some of those arenas where gladiatorial battles will take place have been revealed on the studio’s official Twitter account. And they seem great for offering intense combat with their condensed designs, which is what Escape From Tarkov Arena is gunning for.

Those who have spent a considerable amount of time in Escape From Tarkov – as well as some other games previously developed by some of the staff at Battlestate – were quick to identify the arena-like maps from the images. Along with the screenshots, the developer has also dropped a teaser showcasing the various clips from the teamfight mode of the action-packed shooter.

The 45-second video offers a glimpse into the title’s maps like Sawmill, Bowl, Bay-5, Air Pit, and Equator. Some of these maps like Bay-5 draw heavy inspirations from contract wars and hired ops, whose developers now serve Russia-based Battlestate Games.

Players who have served their time in the action-packed regions of Tarkov might want to test their skills in the upcoming spin-off. And provided that they own Escape From Tarkov: Edge of Darkness, they will have free access to it, the studio has confirmed.

While the session-based standalone shooter will require another purchase for those who own the main game only, it will allow players to play with their main profile character. And lastly, players who do not have the game can simply buy the spin-off to delve into endless combat and refrain from looting and escaping.

Battlestate continues to share bits and pieces from Escape From Tarkov Arena, but it still has not revealed a release window. And despite looking well in the recent teasers, the Escape From Tarkov spin-off is probably far from making a full launch this year. With a slight possibility of seeing the arrival of its alpha version in 2023, the veterans of the realistic FPS will have to stick with the main game.