Redfall Gameplay Shows off Intense Battle Against The Rook

The Rook is a special, powerful vampire type that players will be squaring off time and again throughout their adventure in Redfall.

In Redfall, as players work their way through the titular island town to rid it of its vampire oppressors, they’ll be locking horns with a variety of different enemy types of varying levels of threat and power. One of these, The Rook, was unveiled at Redfall’s gameplay demonstration earlier this year, and IGN has now released a gameplay video that showcases what a fight against a Rook will look like.

The Rook is a special and powerful enemy type that will be sent by the vampire gods to hunt you down at various points in the game, depending on if you’re completing side quests, taking down vampire overlords, and killing their followers. The fight showcased in the gameplay video below is an intense one, as a squad of players attempts to take down a Rook while it rampages about the battlefield, with less threatening cultist enemies also throwing a wrench in the works. Check it out below.

Redfall is due out on May 2 for Xbox Series X/S and PC.