Everspace 2 Exits Early Access, Out Now on PC

The space combat shooter offers a large open world to explore and loot to acquire, with over 90 hours of gameplay for completionists.

After over two years in Steam Early Access, Rockfish Games’ Everspace 2 has fully launched on PC. Check out the launch trailer below to see the open-world, space combat shooter in action.

Everspace 2 already had several star systems, spaceships, quests and story missions before its official launch. The 1.0 update adds even more content, including the final system Khione, and a new hand-crafted location for the campaign’s finale. Those focusing purely on the story and some side missions can get about 30 hours of gameplay out of the title.

However, if you explore all +100 locations, complete every event, side quest and boss fight, and garner every reputation bonus, then there are over 90 hours of gameplay. Check out our official review here to learn more.

Of course, this isn’t the end of Everspace 2’s journey. It’s coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S this Summer. A free content update is also coming in the second half of this year, followed by a big expansion in mid-2024.