The Invincible Receives Stunning New Trailer

the invincible

A new demo for Starward Industries’ sci-fi thriller will debut behind closed doors at this year’s GDC from March 20th to 24th.

11-bit Studios and Starward Industries have released a new trailer for the sci-fi thriller The Invincible, showcasing a mix of gameplay and in-game footage. Based on Polish author Stanisław Lem’s novel of the same name, it sees Yasna, an astrobiologist, traveling to Regis 3 with her crew. Things take a turn, for better or worse.

The message is that despite humanity’s drive for discovery, “not everything everywhere is for us.” What Yasna and her crew have to deal with is still relatively unknown, but appears powerful and dangerous. Players will search for fragments, which can be reported to the Astrogator, and also choose how they interact with the different entities on the planet.

The Invincible continues to look promising with its “atompunk” aesthetic and tools to go with its retro-futuristic setting. It’s out later this year for PC and consoles, and a new demo will be showcased behind closed doors at GDC from March 20th to 24th.