Xbox Unveils Remix Special Edition Controller Made from One-Third Recycled Parts

Xbox has unveiled its newest special edition controller, which has been made by recycling parts from older controllers that are no longer in use.

Microsoft has unveiled a new Xbox Series X/S controller. Dubbed the Xbox Wireless Controller – Remix Special Edition, the new controller features a two-tone green colour scheme.

What makes the new Remix Special Edition so special is the fact that it was developed using recycled parts from leftover Xbox One controllers. Because of how the recycling works, each one of the Remix Special Edition controllers has its own unique look and feel.

According to the controller’s description on its official store page, one-third of its materials have been made by regrind and reclaimed materials.

The Xbox Wireless Controller – Remix Special Edition controller also includes the Xbox Rechargeable Battery Pack in the box, along with a USB-C cable. The battery pack boasts 30 hours of battery life per charge, with a full charge taking up 4 hours of charging time.

Xbox Wireless Controller – Remix Special Edition is priced at $84.99 or £74.99 depending on your region.