Quantum Break Will Return to Xbox Game Pass, Remedy Assures

“It is being temporarily removed due to some licenses that expired that were in the process of being renewed,” the developer says.

It was recently confirmed that Quantum Break will be leaving Xbox Game Pass later this month, and though the news initially raised concerns over why a first party Xbox exclusive isn’t a permanent fixture in the service’s library, Microsoft revealed not long afterward that the removal had been brought about due to licensing issues, and that the company was working behind the scenes to get the issues sorted at the earlier.

Developer Remedy Entertainment has now made an official statement regarding, reiterating that its sci-fi third person shooter is being “temporarily removed” from the Xbox Game Pass library due to “some licenses that expired that were in the process of being renewed”.

Remedy has reiterated that Quantum Break “will be coming back to Game Pass”, though like Microsoft, the developer hasn’t provided any details on when that might happen. “We will let you know as soon as it is back,” it says. Either way, fans of the shooter can rest assured that it will eventually be back on Xbox Game Pass.