The Last Case of Benedict Fox – New Combat Walkthrough Details Items and Twilight Zone

Along with “precise and tactical combat,” players must keep their wits about them to explore the dangerous Twilight Zone.

The Last Case of Benedict Fox is out later this month, and following a brief combat trailer, developer Plot Twist released a more in-depth walkthrough. It goes over Fox’s various maneuvers, weapons and the Twilight Zone. Check it out below.

Combat is described as “precise and tactical,” where planning ahead and not getting cornered is key. Fox can slide and backstep and timed blocks to deal damage to enemies. You can then finish them off with a heavy attack. Of course, if things get too dicey, use Stoneskin to turn impervious or throw a Smoke Bomb to evade foes.

Some items also have multiple functions. The Kogai Pin can stun enemies, but it’s also helpful for opening locked doors (via a creepy mini-game where Fox pries fingers off a door). Be wary of the Twilight Zone since its dark tendrils can kill Fox quickly. Purchase a flashlight and use it to ward off harm.

In addition to demons, Fox will face other factions, though they’ve yet to be detailed. The Last Case of Benedict Fox is out on April 27th for Xbox Series X/S and PC while also launching on Game Pass.