Quantum Break’s Xbox Game Pass Removal is Due to Licensing Issues

Microsoft says it’s working behind the scenes to get Remedy Entertainment’s sci-fi shooter back on the service as soon as possible.

It recently emerged that Quantum Break will be leaving the Xbox Game Pass library by April 15, which took quite a few people by surprise. Games leaving the subscription service’s catalogue is standard procedure, but the same can’t necessarily be said for first party exclusives. Microsoft, however, has provided something of an explanation for Quantum Break in particular.

In a statement to Xbox Dynasty, Microsoft confirmed that Remedy Entertainment’s sci-fi shooter is leaving Xbox Game Pass due to “licensing issues”. What exactly those licensing issues are isn’t something that the publisher elaborated on, but it’s worth noting that this isn’t exactly the first time a first party title has had to exit the Game Pass catalog for the same reason- Forza games have been taken off the service’s catalog due to licensing issues as well.

That said, Microsoft has confirmed that it’s working behind the scenes to iron these issues out, and that with negotiations underway, Quantum Break will eventually be returning to Xbox Game Pass. Exactly how long that will take remains to be seen, but subscribers can at least be assured that the Remedy shooter isn’t permanently bidding farewell.