Redfall Trailer Showcases Layla’s Backstory and Telekinetic Abilities

After a botched trial at Aevum, Layla can use telekinetic umbrellas to block damage and create lifts to elevate herself and her enemies.

With Arkane Studios’ Redfall less than a month away, it makes sense to shine the spotlight on its playable characters. There are four, and Layla Ellison has arguably attracted the most attention. A new trailer (courtesy of IGN) provides more information on her and how her telekinetic powers awakened.

While out to see a movie with her boyfriend Jason, the two were attacked. Just when it seemed they were safe, a pair of vampires suddenly appeared. Jason sacrifices himself to save Layla, who uses her powers to escape harm. Of course, a botched medical trial at Aevum – the same biotech company responsible for the vampire outbreak – granted her telekinesis, but the life-or-death situation seemingly caused them to awaken.

Layla can cast telekinetic umbrellas, which can move forward and block damage while hurting enemies. She can summon a telekinetic lift to send enemies in the air, serve as cover and elevate herself to higher vantage points. Also, Jason lives on as a summon who will take down foes at her behest.

Redfall is out on May 2nd for Xbox Series X/S and PC. It also launches on day one for Game Pass.