Next Fatal Fury – New Teaser Confirms Joe Higashi, Andy and Terry Bogard

SNK has confirmed that the next instalment in the fighting series will feature the three fan favourites.

From Street Fighter 6 and Tekken 8 to Mortal Kombat 12 and more, there’s plenty of major upcoming games for fans of fighting titles to look forward to. Another that was confirmed to be in development in August last year was a new Fatal Fury/Garou game by SNK, and some more brief new details on the same have been revealed.

Recently, at Evo 2023, SNK showed off a very short teaser for the next Fatal Fury game, confirming that three series mainstays and fan favourites will be featured in the game as playable characters- namely, these are series protagonist Terry Bogard, his younger brother Andy Bogard, and martial artist Joe Higashi. All three have, of course, been staples of the Fatal Frame series over the years, so their inclusion in the next game doesn’t exactly come as a surprise- but it’s nice to get confirmation nonetheless.

SNK didn’t showcase any gameplay for the game, but did show off concept art featuring the three aforementioned characters, while also reiterating the game is currently in development.