Dave the Diver Launches April 16th for PS4 and PS5, Coming to PS Plus Game Catalog

PS Plus Extra and Premium subscribers can play it on day one. The PS5 version is also confirmed to support the DualSense.

Mintrocket’s Dave the Diver is officially out on April 16th for PS4 and PS5 this month, per a new PlayStation Blog post. However, it’s also coming to PlayStation Plus Game Catalog, which means Extra and Premium subscribers can play it for free.

Dave the Diver is about Dave, a professional diver brought in to catch fish from the mysterious Blue Hole. Though inherently a fishing game, players also manage a sushi restaurant by night, helping it gain popularity and even assisting in the cooking. PS5 players should take note, as it supports the DualSense’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

Post-launch, the development team has added some new gameplay elements, from new species and mini-games to a crossover with Black Salt Games’ Dredge. Some new DLC focused on Godzilla is also in the works, launching in May free for all players.

Dave the Diver is currently available for PC and Nintendo Switch