Tchia Gameplay Overview Trailer Showcases Traversal, Map, Sailing, and More


Awaceb’s tropical open world game continues to look promising in its newest gameplay trailer.

Tropical open world game Tchia has looked promising every time developer Awaceb has shown it off so far, and unsurprisingly, that continues to be the case. The developer recently premiered a new gameplay overview trailer at IGN Fan Fest, offering new details on its traversal, exploration, and more.

Tchia is putting locomotion front and center in its core gameplay loop, with developer Awaceb sprinkling in variety and fun mechanics in several ways, from climbing, gliding, and stamina mechanics that are similar to Breath of the Wild to all foliage in the game being physics-based, allowing you to launch yourself off trees to take flight.

The game’s map also takes a unique approach, with no player markers being featured whatsoever, instead encouraging you to observe your surroundings and figure out where on the map you might be based on nearby landmarks. Meanwhile, players will also be able to sail on their boat to cover larger distances across the archipelago, while also being able to unlock docks that will serve as fast travel points.

Check out the trailer below for more details.

Tchia is out this Spring for PS5, PS4, and PC.