Sony Reveals Community Game Help, New Feature Coming to PS5 Later This Year

ony Reveals Community Game Help, New Feature Coming to PS5 Later This Year

Back in 2020, the PS5 launched with a number of notable improvements over its predecessor both in terms of its hardware capabilities and the software features it offered right out the gate- but not all of them were big hits. Game Help, a feature that allows players to view clips of gameplay from game developers to help get past in-game roadblocks, hasn’t exactly taken off since the PS5 launched, though Sony is set to introduce some improvements to it soon.

The company has revealed Community Game Help, an expanded version of Game Help that will become available to all PS5 users with an update sometime later this year. As its name suggests, Community Game Help will make use of user-generated content, which means that in addition to clips from developers themselves (in the games that support the feature, at least), you will also be able to view gameplay clips submitted by other players.

Players will be able to opt in and out of whether or not they wish to contribute to Community Game Help (including being able to set a limit to how many clips you want to contribute per month), with clips being automatically in the background if you haven’t opted out (alongside system notifications each time a clip is uploaded).

Additionally, players will also be able to add chat messages and include their IDs in uploaded clips, in addition to also being able to view and delete your uploaded library. You will also be able to rate community clips based on how helpful they were (or weren’t), allowing for better curation of content.

A specific release date for the feature is unknown, but Sony says it will begin adding Community Game Help to “select games later this year”, with the goal being to “expand it to as many titles as possible in the future.”