V Rising – Legacy of Castlevania Collaboration Announced, Launches May 8th

Players can battle Simon Belmont and wield Vampire Killer in the upcoming update, with paid cosmetic DLC also out on the same day.

Stunlock Studios’ V Rising exits early access for PC on May 8th, featuring some new content for its 1.0 launch. Perhaps the most surprising is a collaboration with Konami’s Castlevania franchise. Check out the teaser trailer below.

Dubbed Legacy of Castlevania and launching on the same day, it sees players battling Simon Belmont. Armed with the Vampire Killer whip and plenty of other weapons, defeating him grants the weapon and new abilities for players to utilize. While the boss fight is free for all players, there will also be a Legacy of Castlevania Premium Pack to purchase.

It contains cosmetic DLC for creating and decorating one’s abode with that signature Castlevania fashion. There are also two classic themes reimagined by composer Aleksandria Migova (for use as castle music), a skeletal mount and customization options for one’s character based on “legendary Castlevania characters.” Soma Cruz jacket from Aria of Sorrow or get out, honestly.

Regarding the collaboration, Stunlock Studios CEO Rickard Frisegard said, “We’re all big fans of Castlevania, so being able to actually create original Castlevania content in our game is a dream come true. I want to express a heartfelt thank you to our friends at Konami for the chance to bring Castlevania to the V Rising universe.

“This has been an opportunity for us to channel our love and effort for their games into this collaboration, and we look forward to you being able to experience it for yourself on May 8th!”

Stunlock will reveal more details before the game’s release, so stay tuned. Along with PC, V Rising is coming to PS5 later this year.