Final Fantasy 16: The Rising Tide Will Raise the Level Cap to 60

Story-Focused and Action-Focused Modes see the level cap raised from 50 to 60, while Final Fantasy Mode maxes out at level 110.

Final Fantasy 16’s next paid DLC, The Rising Tide, is adding a whole bunch of new content for fans, from a new location and side quests to Leviathan and its accompanying abilities. But that’s not all, as the PlayStation Blog confirmed an increase to the level cap.

When the DLC drops, Story-Focused Mode and Action-Focused Mode players can reach level 60, while those in Final Fantasy Mode (New Game+) can hit level 110. The current caps are level 50 and 100 for the modes. It also teases that Leviathan isn’t “the only power” that players can inherit.

If you purchase The Rising Tide or own the Expansion Pass, then you’ll receive a revamped Curtana, used by Final Fantasy 14’s Warrior of Light, and two Orchestrion Rolls – “Torn from the Heavens” and “Through the Maelstrom.” For those who want even more Hideaway music, a free update goes live on the same day as the DLC, adding 40 new Rolls alongside quality-of-life features like Skill Sets and Quest Quick Complete.

Final Fantasy 16: The Rising Tide launches on April 18th for PS5. Those who finish it and Echoes of the Fallen can also unlock an Epilogue quest – head here for more details.