Cult Classic Shadows of the Damned Gets Hella Remastered for PS5, PS4

Shadows Of The Damned launched during a fascinating part of the PS3 era, where EA suddenly started publishing smaller titles, like the equally iconic Alice: Madness Returns. The business model didn’t last long, but we’re still grateful for the aforementioned third-person shooter, which was co-designed by industry icons Suda51 and Shinji Mikami. And as previously reported it’s getting a PS5 and PS4 remaster, due out later this year.

The release, appropriately subtitled Hella Remastered, promises to “take players on a wild ride with demon hunter Garcia Hotspur, as he kicks demon ass and makes his way through the darkest depths of Hell, lighting up the darkness with his burning passion on a mission to rescue his true love from an insidious demon king”.

The original game had some truly bonkers moments, like one chapter where you needed to use your Big Boner (a sniper rifle) to take out a giant demon lady. It was pretty, ahem, hard.

There’s no specific release date for the remaster just yet, but you can add the title to your PlayStation wishlist through here. Will you be revisiting this cult classic?