Crash Team Rumble’s Upcoming Beta Will Include Public Lobbies and Private Matches

Meanwhile, the beta – which will go live on April 20 – will also give players a look at how the upcoming MOBA will make use of bots.

Crash Team Rumble is set to launch in June, and ahead of its release, Toys for Bob has started the rollout of new details on the MOBA, offering players more insight on what to expect from it when it launches not long from now. Of course, between April 20 and 24, a closed beta of the game will also be available to all those who pre-order the game, and in a recently published blog post, more details on what that will entail were also revealed.

When the Crash Team Rumble beta goes live roughly three weeks from now, it will allow players to compete in both public lobbies and private matches with friends. Meanwhile, players will also be able to play matches against bots to hone their skills, while bots will also be used as replacements for players who drop out in online matches.

“In the Closed Beta, running April 20-24 players can compete against other players in public lobbies or duke it out with friends in private matches,” the developer wrote. “Need some practice? Players can perfect their skills against bots before heading into the arena. Player drops out of a match? Don’t worry – the bots have their back there, too! The empty slot on a team will be back-filled with a bot to ensure their team still has a shot at sweet victory. Worried about getting stomped by strong players? We’ve kept that in mind too; new players will be matched with other new players to avoid being matched with veteran Rumblers – letting new players learn the ins and outs of the game at their own pace (even if they jump in near the end of the Closed Beta).”

Toys for Bob has also offered some brief insight into what it’s looking for from the beta, with its primary purpose being to test things such as hero balance, cross-platform matchmaking and progression, and more.

“Throughout the Closed Beta, we’ll be testing hero balance, cross-progression, and cross-platform matchmaking to prepare for the big launch in June,” the developer wrote. “While progress won’t carry over from Closed Beta into launch, the early feedback we’ll receive from the Closed Beta participants will be instrumental in creating a more polished experience for all players on June 20th.”

Toys for Bob has also confirmed that Crash Team Rumble’s Battle Pass will be tied exclusively to cosmetic items, with all heroes and powers being unlocked only through gameplay.

Crash Team Rumble is due out on June 20 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.