PS5 Pro System Memory Offers 28 Percent Higher Bandwidth Than PS5, “High CPU Frequency” Mode – Rumor

The rumoured console offers 28 percent higher bandwidth memory, while the CPU can perform at 3.85 GHz with the new mode.

Sony’s rumored PlayStation 5 Pro continues to pick up steam following recent reports about its specs, which Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson recently corroborated. However, the latter also provided some fresh new details, including the console’s system memory having a bandwidth of 576 GB/s.

Compared to the standard model, which runs at 448 GB/s, that’s a 28 percent increase. Due to greater efficiency, however, the difference may end up higher. While their CPUs are identical, the Pro offers a “High CPU Frequency Mode”, allowing the CPU performance to jump by 10 percent from 3.5 GHz to 3.85 GHz.

GPU performance drops slightly in this mode by about one percent due to about 1.5 percent downclocking (since the CPU receives more power). The GPU offers 45 percent faster rendering than the base model with two to three times (in some cases, even 4x) ray tracing and 33.5 TFLOPs of performance.

Sony hasn’t officially announced the PS5 Pro, so stay tuned for more updates, potentially in the coming months.