PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution Internally Aiming for 4K/120 FPS, 8K/60 FPS – Rumor

The rumored PS5 Pro can deliver 4K resolutions with SDK 9.00, though it’s unconfirmed whether it can go higher with PSSR.

Following the rumored PS5 Pro’s specifications leaking before the weekend, Insider Gaming has offered many new details while corroborating the same. It’s now reporting that Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR), PlayStation’s proprietary supersampling tech, aims for 4K/120 FPS or 8K/60 FPS internally.

The technology is allegedly capable of 4K resolutions on SDK 9.00 of the PS5 Pro, with SDK 10.00 out this Fall (which is also when the console reportedly launches, though it could easily slip). It’s worth noting that the above resolutions and frame rates are an “internal goal” for the solution and not the PS5 Pro’s targets. Whether it can achieve those is unknown.

Two alleged “case studies” for first-party games (which are unnamed) compare how the base model and PS5 Pro would perform. The first title targets 1800p resolution on Fidelity Mode and 60 FPS on Performance Mode. A regular PS5 would deliver 1800p/30 FPS and 1080p/60 FPS at these modes, while the PS5 Pro would offer 1440p at 60 FPS using PSSR.

The second adds ray tracing to the mix, and the difference is starker, as the PS5 Pro can deliver 60 FPS with it enabled. The PS5, meanwhile, achieves 60 FPS without ray tracing.

Sony hasn’t officially announced the existence of the PS5 Pro, but it’s rumored to launch in Fall/Holiday 2024, with a potential slip.