Tribes 3: Rivals Enters Early Access, Roadmap Revealed

Class and weapon balancing, the Plasma Gun, new maps, new class abilities and other potential new weapons are coming this year.

Prophecy Games’ Tribes 3: Rivals has entered early access for PC via Steam, offering seven different maps to play on and three classes with six perks. It has a “Mostly Positive” rating on Steam so far, with 76 percent positive user reviews, but there are concerns over missing features like text chat, a server browser, vote-to-kick and more.

In the meantime, Prophecy has revealed its early access roadmap for upcoming content. March will see the team focusing on class and weapon balance, improvements to art and bug fixes. April adds a new weapon, the Plasma Gun, and a new Capture the Flag map called Moonrise.

In Q2 2024, another quality update arrives, focusing on bug fixes and class and weapon balance. There will also be new class abilities, potential new weapons, more fixes and a new map based on “community feedback.” Not a lot of talk about quality-of-life improvements or community moderation, but the developer clarifies that the roadmap “may change based on player feedback or development milestones.”