Vampire Survivors: Tales of the Foscari DLC Releases on April 13th

Retailing for $1.99, the DLC adds a new stage, eight new characters, 13 new weapons, 20 Achievements, and seven new tracks.

Developer poncle has announced that Vampire Survivors’ second paid DLC, Tales of the Foscari, is releasing on April 13th for $1.99. Set in Western Europe, the DLC is set in The Great Forest and takes inspiration from folklore. Of course, that also means fighting magical beasts, spirits, and other enemies. Check out the screenshots below.

Eventually, you’ll find The Foscari Academy, which trains “the next generation of warriors, scholars, and leaders.” There are three houses – the Azure Tower, the Crimson Anvil and the Amber Sickle, each with unique lore and environmental story-telling.

Eight new characters, 13 new weapons, seven new music tracks and a whopping 20 new Achievements are also included, so there’s plenty to keep players busy. Along with Steam, Vampire Survivors is available on Game Pass for Xbox and PC. If you’re already subscribed and have yet to play, it’s only $4 more for Legacy of the Moonspell, the first DLC, and Tides of the Foscari. Stay tuned for more details in the meantime.