PS5 Update Rolls Out Globally, Improving DualSense Audio and Screen Share Interactions

The console’s newest firmware update brings a couple of audio-focused enhancements for the DualSense controller.

Last month, Sony rolled out a new firmware update for PS5 in beta for invited users, bringing various audio improvements for DualSense controllers, among other features. Now, that update has gone live globally for all PS5 users, the company has announced.

With this update, DualSense speakers can now output sound at higher volumes, while the controller’s mic input and noise cancellation have also improved, thanks to a new AI machine learning model, which suppresses noise from button presses and game audio.

Meanwhile, new Screen Share interactions have also been added in. While watching Screen Share in full screen mode, viewers can now move a cursor around on the screen and ping objects and draw lines to help guide the host player, and also send emoji-based reactions to the host’s screen. These features are enabled by default, but host players have the option to turn them off. Later this month, an update will allow users to use Screen Share interactions through the PlayStation app as well.

Additionally, users can now also adjust the brightness of their console’s power indicator to make it dimmer or brighter.