emptyvessel is a New AAA Studio Comprised of Former id Software, Naughty Dog, Activision Vets

The studio says its first project will be an “immersive” shooter that it is developing on Unreal Engine 5.

We’ve been seeing an increasing number of industry veterans breaking away from the traditional AAA publishing space to form their own independent AAA studios, and another name has now joined that list. emptyvessel is a new studio formed by former veterans of the likes of id Software, Activision, Naughty Dog, Crystal Dynamics, Striking Distance Studios, Illfonic, and more.

The studio is led by Emanuel Palalic, its CEO and game director, who has previously worked on the likes of DOOM, DOOM Eternal, Killing Floor 3, and more. Meanwhile, Garrett Young – who has worked at the likes of Microsoft, Activision, Disney, and id Software – serves as the studio’s chief operating officer and general manager. Mick Gordon, best known for his work on DOOM and DOOM Eternal, is the studio’s composer.

“Many game developers like myself began our journey fueled by the dream of one day bringing our worlds to life,” said Palalic (via Gematsu). “By prioritizing and aligning with our strengths, we’re confident it’s possible to create AAA-quality games with smaller, focused teams. The industry has often overlooked the people who pour their hearts and souls into crafting these worlds. With emptyvessel, we’re determined to change that narrative and make that dream a reality for as many developers as we can.”

“Our industry is at a crossroads between business and talent,” said Young. ” At emptyvessel, we take a developer-first approach to our direction and execution. We understand every innovation in this industry has been led by a developer taking a risk—every new IP, every billion-dollar franchise. Gaming’s next massive hit can come from anywhere.”

The developer has revealed on Twitter that its first project is an “immersive shooter” titled The System. It’s being developed on Unreal Engine 5.