Rise of the Ronin Story Vignette Highlights Factions and Key Characters

Team Ninja’s open-world action RPG is full of interesting characters, some fighting by your side and others opposing you.

Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja have a new trailer for Rise of the Ronin, showcasing the various characters and factions players will encounter on their journey. There are the Pro-Shogunate forces (Sabaku) dedicated to maintaining the current order; the Anti-Shogunate forces (Tobaku), who want to oust the foreigners; and the Western faction (Obei), led by US Navy commodore Matthew Perry, seeking trade.

While each character’s goals are obvious, their motivations and approaches differ. Characters like Ernest Satow and Taka Murayama aren’t considered warriors, but the former is confident in playing a role in future events, while the latter has contacts within the Shogunate. Of course, you also have historical figures like Perry, Genzui Kusaka, Sakamoto Ryoma and Kogoro Katsura to interact with.

Depending on the Bonds forged, characters can accompany players on different missions and assist (with the option to switch to and control them). The overall narrative may also change, resulting in different endings.

Rise of the Ronin is out on March 22nd for PS5.