Helldivers 2 is Adding New Armour, Weapons, Capes, and More

A new Warbond, dubbed Cutting Edge, will go live next week, bringing more new content to the co-op shooter.

The first couple of weeks after Helldivers 2’s launch were a bit chaotic, to say the least, with developer Arrowhead Game Studios having to put a pause on its post-launch plans for the shooter to deal with the server overcrowding issues that arose due to the game’s unexpected widespread success. Now, however, those plans are beginning to kick into gear. The game recently added pilotable mechs, while its latest patch added new planetary hazards like fire tornadoes and meteor showers.

Now, more new content is being added in in the form of a new Warbond, as detailed on the PlayStation Blog. Dubbed Cutting Edge, when it goes live next week, on March 14, the Warbond will add new armour, weapons, capes, and emotes for players to start working towards and unlocking.

Three new “experimental” armour sets are coming to the game, each playing with electricity in different ways, while the three new primary weapons come with similar attributes. The LAS-16 Sickle is a laser rifle that fires in short bursts and doesn’t need reloading (but can overheat), the SG-8P Punisher Plasma is a modified Punisher shotgun that fires plasma rounds, and the ARC-12 Blitzer can either shoot an arc of close-range lightning or fire off charged electricity bolts.

The Warbond will also add a new stun grenade, the G-23 Stun, and the LAS-7 Dagger pistol, as well as three new capes, player cards, and emotes each.

Helldivers 2 is available on PS5 and PC.