Rogue Legacy 2 Gets Special Modes in Last Free Update

Regarding the lack of a PlayStation version, Cellar Door Games said it’s a “small team,” but “we’re always working on things.”

With Cellar Door Games’ Rogue Legacy 2 celebrating its first anniversary next month, the developer is prepping one last free update for players. It adds new Special Modes, though what those could be is unknown.

Of course, there’s also the question of whether the acclaimed rogue-lite Metroidvania will ever come to PlayStation. Though Cellar Door didn’t confirm whether PS4 and PS5 versions were in development, it said “we’re always working on things.” Since it’s a small team, fans may need to wait longer for further updates, but never say never.

Rogue Legacy 2 is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC and Nintendo Switch. The story sees players venturing into a fallen kingdom with unique biomes. Players can choose different classes like Ranger, Dragoon and even Chef.

As you die and your descendants step up to the plate, they have unique quirks that would drastically affect play styles, like colorblindness, a permanent spotlight, and more