Guilty Gear Strive – Bedman? Starter Guide Details Attacks, Combos and More

Deal damage to create automatic follow-up attacks with error E6 when the latest Season Pass 2 character arrives on May 6th.

Delilah and Bedman? are coming to Guilty Gear Strive next week, and to help give a better idea of how they play, a new video is available. Players primarily control Bedman? while Delilah stands by and watches, growing more concerned with each deadly attack.

Bedman?’s gimmick is error E6, which follows up an attack with another after some time. If the Bedman? takes damage or has to block against an incoming attack, then error E6 won’t activate. Subsequent moves include call 4BA, which launches a needle forward with slight homing properties and call 4B3, a dashing buzzsaw usable in mid-air.

Then there’s call 0x$0.20, which causes additional error E6 attacks to occur immediately. call 0x$1.00 delays error E6 attacks to keep your opponent guessing and off-balance.

Bedman? arrives on April 6th for Season Pass 2 owners on all platforms, along with the extra stage, Fairy’s Forest Factory.