Diablo 4 Open Beta is the Largest in Series History

Necromancer and Sorcerer were the most played classes, with players racking up over 61 million hours and 2.6 million hitting level 20.

Despite server troubles and massive queues, Blizzard Entertainment’s open beta for Diablo 4 was the largest in the series’ history. It had over 61 million hours played, with 2.6 million players hitting level 20 and earning the Beta Wolf Pack cosmetic for the game.

There were over 29.5 billion monsters killed, while players suffered from 46,924,644 deaths. More than 1.7 million deaths were at the hands of The Butcher, though some were strong enough to overcome the boss, with over 576,662 Butcher deaths. Ashava, the World Boss, caused 10,163,397 player deaths while players managed to slay it 107,426 times (including one near-solo kill).

The most played classes were Necromancer and Sorcerer, which is hardly surprising. The former had a build that triggered Corpse Explosion several times with near-infinite Blood Mist, while the latter could tank the World Boss with Ice Armor. Expect balance changes and adjustments in the future.

Diablo 4 is out on June 6th for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5 and PC. Progression and end game will receive details in a new Developer Update livestream in April. Microsoft has also announced an Xbox Series X bundle for the game that launches on the same day.