Pacific Drive is Now Available for PS5 and PC

The road-lite survival game sees players trying to escape the Olympic Exclusion Zone and its Anomalies while unearthing its mysteries.

Ironwood Studios’ Pacific Drive is available now on PS5 and PC worldwide, offering a mix of realistic driving, survival and rogue-lite mechanics with a supernatural setting. Check out the launch trailer below.

It starts with players casually driving through the Pacific Northwest, eventually happening upon the imposing walls of the Olympic Exclusion Zone. One forced teleportation and a struggle to escape the elements later, and you have an innocuous station wagon to explore. After interacting with different characters, players must plot their escape from the Zone while learning more about its mysteries.

You can plan trips and garner materials to craft blueprints with the Fabrication Station, upgrading the vehicle in various ways. Quirks may also manifest, changing your ride in different ways, and players must keep an eye on their surroundings to avoid dangerous Anomalies roaming the Zone.