Mario vs. Donkey Kong is Out Now on Nintendo Switch

The remake sees Mario on a quest to retrieve the Mini Marios from Donkey Kong. New features include local co-op, additional worlds and more.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong, a remake of the 2004 puzzle-platforming classic, is now available on Nintendo Switch. It sees Donkey Kong stealing Mini Marios and everyone’s favorite plumber-turned-toy-factory-CEO Mario traversing through several different worlds to get them back. Check out the release trailer below, which also chronicles the pair’s various encounters through history.

Though it still offers platforming, with Mario capable of performing wall jumps and back flips, Mario vs. Donkey Kong is slightly different in structure. Players must explore levels, retrieving keys and opening doors to find the Mini Mario. There are various hazards to avoid, and eventually, you’ll need to guide all the rescued Mini Marios before facing off against Donkey Kong.

The remake adds to this by introducing two new worlds, local co-op, Time Attack mode, and a Casual Mode for less punishing gameplay. It even revamps the cinematics with gorgeous new visuals.