Atlas Fallen Delayed to August

New gameplay footage and details on drop-in co-op will be shared sometime in early Summer, publisher Focus Entertainment confirms.

Focus Entertainment and Deck13 recently announced that Atlas Fallen would be launching on May 16, following which plenty of gameplay footage was shown off for the action RPG, showcasing its unique abilities, traversal options, combat, and much more. However, publisher Focus Entertainment has now announced that the game will be out a little later than expected.

Taking recently to Twitter, the publisher announced that Atlas Fallen is being delayed by nearly three months and will now be out on August, with developer Deck13 requiring more time to “deliver the best possible version of the game.”

“Our goal has always been to create a memorable ARPG experience in a unique setting, with exciting gameplay and the option for fully playable seamless co-op with a friend,” Focus Entertainment wrote. “We’d love to give the game some extra time, which would allow us to deliver the best possible version of Atlas Fallen.”

Meanwhile, Focus Entertainment also confirmed that new gameplay footage and information on the game’s drop-in co-op will be shared sometime in early Summer.

“We’ll come back in early summer to share updates on the game, including new gameplay footage and your first look at drop-in co-op gameplay,” the publisher wrote. “We can’t wait to bring you a fantastic experience in the deserted lands of Atlas this summer.”

Atlas Fallen will launch on August 10 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.