Rise of the Ronin – New Gameplay Showcased in First Behind-the-Scenes Episode

Team Ninja discusses the open-world action RPG’s story and setting while confirming Inon Zur (Starfield) as the composer.

Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja have released the first behind-the-scenes episode for Rise of the Ronin, providing new details and outlining several facets of development. It also showcases some new gameplay while providing more context on the player’s role in the story. Check it out below.

Players are part of a secret society called the Veiled Edge. Set during the Bakumatsu, they’re separated from their Blade Twin during an incident, leaving them alone. How they cope with this forms one part of the journey, especially as you meet various factions and historical figures with unique motivations.

Different schools of thought began to merge during the Bakumatsu as Japan faced disease, political turmoil, poverty and upheaval. Its depiction goes beyond the visuals, down to the score, with Inon Zur of Starfield fame brought in as composer.

The developer also discusses creating famous landmarks and the world’s make-up. You’ll encounter territories ruled by Bandits and have to take them out, but venturing into a city like Yokohama or Edo (before it became Tokyo) brings other challenges. The next behind-the-scenes episode will seemingly detail combat, so stay tuned before launch.

Rise of the Ronin is out on March 22nd for PS5.