Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Features Over 400 New Tracks, Bonds and Folios Revealed

Folios level up as you increase your Party Level, unlocking new Synergy Commands for characters to use (which can be reset anytime).

Amid the incredible visuals and expansive scale of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, the music is also as important. The development team “wanted to pay respect” to the original’s tracks, per director Naoki Hamaguchi, but also “challenge ourselves by matching the feeling of each scene, which resulted in some truly innovative arrangements.” Check it out below.

Hamaguchi further confirmed over 400 new music tracks for the title, promising “plenty more where that came from.” Based on the bonds made through the story, the feelings of your companions can change. This extends to who can accompany you in the Gold Saucer, which includes “allies who weren’t available in the original.”

Finally, it was revealed that Combat Synergy and bonds affect your Party Level. The higher the Party Level, the more Synergy Commands become available in Folios, a new mechanic introduced in Rebirth. Players are encouraged to try out different combinations of party members, especially since Folios can be reset anytime.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is available for PS5 on February 29th. A free demo goes live today, allowing players to experience the Nibelheim Incident in a flashback.