Silent Hill: The Short Message Crosses 1 Million Downloads in Five Days

Despite mixed reviews from critics, Konami’s free psychological horror title has achieved a significant milestone since its shadow drop.

After launching five days ago, Konami’s Silent Hill: The Short Message has crossed one million downloads. It’s free for PS5 via the PlayStation Store, following leaks and listings of its potential release over the years.

Silent Hill: The Short Message isn’t in the titular town – instead, it follows a teenager named Anita, who awakens in an abandoned apartment complex. Unable to leave and stalked by a strange creature, she seeks her friend Maya, who tells her that she must find “it.” The Unreal Engine 5 title is short, roughly an hour and a half, and offers a first-person perspective with live-action footage interspersed throughout.

Check out our review of Silent Hill: The Short Message here, though it’s worth noting that other critics have given it mixed or negative reviews. Konami’s upcoming titles in the series include Bloober Team’s Silent Hill 2, No Code’s Silent Hill: Townfall and NeoBard’s Silent Hill