A Bloodborne Remaster Was in the Works for PS5 and PC at One Point – Rumour

A journalist has claimed that a remaster of Bloodborne was indeed in development “years” ago.

There aren’t many (or any) first-party PlayStation games that fans have been demanding a remaster for as heavily as they have been for Bloodborne. FromSoftware’s acclaimed action RPG launched for PS4 back in 2015, and is widely regarded as one of the best games on the platform, and though there has been no shortage of rumours and leaks claiming that a Bloodborne remaster might indeed be in the works, until now, they’ve failed to materialize.

However, another reliable journalist has now claimed that at one point in time, an upgraded version of Bloodborne was indeed in the works. On ResetEra, Imran Khan – formerly of Game Informer and Fanbyte – recently claimed the same, but added that it’s been “literal years” since he last heard about it, raising doubts over its current status (or even existence).

“Bloodborne PC/PS5 was at one point in the works,” Khan wrote. “Haven’t heard anything in literal years so I wouldn’t hold my breath.”

It emerged from Insomniac Games’ data breach in December that Bloodborne had sold nearly 7.5 million copies as of fiscal year 2020, so by all accounts, the game’s been a successful one for Sony. That, combined with the company’s insistence on bringing back a wide variety of other titles in its back catalog – like the recently-announced Until Dawn and, according to leaks, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune – has only served to stoke the frustrations surrounding the general lack of Bloodborne.

Last November, it was claimed in reports that a Bloodborne movie was in the works.