Stellar Blade is Semi-Open World, New Story and Gameplay Details Revealed

Game director Hyung Tae Kim has also revealed new tidbits on the game’s progression systems, music, and more.

Shift Up’s action RPG Stellar Blade has turned more than a few heads with its showings over the last couple of years, and with the game now finally headed towards a firm release date, more details on it are beginning to emerge. At its recent State of Play showcase, Sony showed off the game with a new trailer that also announced its release date, and to go along with that, further gameplay and story details have also been revealed in a PlayStation Blog post by game director Hyung Tae Kim.

Stellar Blade’s futuristic post-apocalyptic setting will see players stepping into the shoes of protagonist Eve, who, along with her fellow members of the Airborne Squad, fights for humanity’s feature against the mysterious and monstrous threat of the Naytibas, who seem to be attacking humanity “at the will of a higher entity composed of Alpha and an Elder”. Joining Eve are two key characters in the form of Adam, a survivor on Earth, and Lily, who was a member of a previous Airborne Squad, while players will also be aiding several other human survivors in Earth’s last surviving city, Xion.

On the gameplay side of things, Kim has confirmed that Stellar Blade will be a semi-open world experience, with players being allowed to explore regions called the Wasteland and the Great Desert. “You get to cross paths with many different people and go on adventures in these vast fields to fulfill Eve’s goals while also helping the citizens of Xion,” Kim wrote. “One of the missions involves gathering Hyper Cells, which are a massive source of energy sustaining Xion. These cells lie dormant throughout the fields, and Eve retrieves these Hyper Cells to turn Xion back to its original glory. This leads her to meet more characters along the way.”

Kim also went on to offer brief details on the game’s progression mechanics and cosmetic customization options. He wrote, “Throughout [Eve’s] adventures, you will pick up items like Exospines or Gears as well as acquire SP EXP which unlocks powerful skills. You can also acquire various cosmetics, such as costumes, accessories, and hairstyles.”

Players can also expect “a wide of variety of music” in the game, including “relaxing tunes at the camp” and “music that captures the poignancy of a ruined city”, with Kim also revealing that “almost all” music tracks in the game will have vocals and choruses to “immerse you into the world of Stellar Blade.”

Stellar Blade launches on April 26 for PS5. It will be priced at $70.