Nintendo Switch 2 Will Feature 8-Inch LCD Display – Rumour

The Nintendo Switch 2 might be getting a slightly bigger display, but with a worse panel than its predecessor.

A new report courtesy of Bloomberg (via IGN) indicates that the Nintendo Switch 2—the follow-up console to the incredibly popular Nintendo Switch—will feature an 8-inch LCD display. The report by Bloomberg cites Hiroshi Hayase—an analyst with Omdia specialising in the display market.

For the sake of context, the original model of the Nintendo Switch also featured an LCD display, albeit measuring it at 6.2-inches. The Nintendo Switch OLED, as its name might indicate, upgraded the display to an OLED panel coming in at 7-inches.

Rumours surrounding the Nintendo Switch 2 have been growing, especially as we entered into 2024. A recent survey by the GDC earlier this month indicated that some developers have already started working on games to be released on the Nintendo Switch 2. Rumours have also indicated that Persona 3 Reload and Metaphor: ReFantazio will be coming to the Nintendo Switch 2 when the console launches.

Other rumours around the console indicate that it will feature support for DLSS 3.5, and that it will be launched in 2 SKUs, priced at $399 and $449. Analysts have also voiced their opinion on the successor to the Nintendo Switch, saying that it is more likely to be an iteration on its predecessor rather than a revolution.

Nintendo itself is yet to make any real announcement about the Nintendo Switch. Going by its history with console releases, if the Nintendo Switch 2 is really set for launch in 2024, we will likely see an official announcement by Nintendo around halfway into this year.