Immortality, Her Story Developer Announces Two New Horror Games with Teaser Trailers

The mind behind experimental horror games like Immortality and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories has announced two new games.

Sam Barlow, known for his work on experimental video games like Her Story, Telling Lies, and more recently, Immortality, has announced that he is working on two new games. Currently titled Project C and Project D, both games are going to be distinctly different from each other, with one title being similar to Barlow’s more recent work, while the other would be more reminiscent of older titles that Barlow has worked on, like Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.

“One of them is in the tradition of Immortality, building on some of that tech but going in a cool direction,” said Barlow describing Project C in an interview with Kinda Funny Games. “I think, you look at the Steam tags, you can see that it’s horror, sci-fi horror, it’s a very cool premise. It might be like the chunkiest mechanic we’ve come up with within this kind of non-linear space, it’s a cool little puzzle box.”

Barlow goes on to describe Project D as being for fans of his older works, since it will be a third-person survival horror game. Barlow refers to it as what you would get if you fused the talent behind Immortality with a third-person survival horror game.

Both Project C and Project D have gotten short teaser trailers, which feature heavily distorted imagery. You can check out the teasers for both titles below. Interestingly, both games have also gotten Steam pages.