Helldivers 2 Trailer Outlines Galactic War, Orders and Operations

Major Orders progress the campaign with the community, but you can undertake Personal Orders to earn additional rewards.

Arrowhead Game Studios’ Helldivers 2 offers many of the same gameplay elements as the original, from friendly fire to Stratagems. However, it also features the Galactic War, which functions similarly to the Galactic Campaign from Helldivers 1. With a Super Destroyer at your disposal, you’ll travel to different locations to deal with threats to Super Earth.

There are two types of Orders – Major Orders, which progress the story and involve the entire community, and Personal Orders, which can be fulfilled solo or with your squad. The latter may have you taking out some enemies using specific strategies and can provide rewards. Operations consist of three missions with different objectives, from locating nuclear codes and launching a strike to taking out high-value targets.

Of course, you can also complete side objectives for additional rewards. Helldivers 2 launches on February 8th for PS5 and PC. Stay tuned for more details on the title, including its progression, shortly and check out our feature here.