Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age Available Now on Nintendo Switch Online

Camelot’s acclaimed RPGs from the Game Boy Advance era are finally playable on Nintendo Switch for Expansion Pack subscribers.

Two of the best role-playing games ever made have been added to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack. These are Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age, now playable on the Nintendo Switch for subscribers after launching on Game Boy Advance.

Developed by Camelot, Golden Sun is about Isaac, who uses Synergy and Djinns to achieve magical feats. After mysterious individuals seize the elemental stars and their friend Jenna, Isaac embarks on a journey with Garet to get them back. Ivan and Mia join them, and the group venture to different elemental Lighthouses to stop their activation.

Golden Sun: The Lost Age follows Fenix, Jenna and Sheba, who are on the other side of the conflict. It offers expanded worlds to explore, deeper combat and more twisted puzzles on top of improved visuals. Both titles were acclaimed for their presentation, story-telling and gameplay. Another sequel, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, would be released later for Nintendo DS.