Helldivers 2 Features Terrain Deformation and Procedural Generation

Terrain deforms naturally with explosions in the third-person shooter, while procedurally generated levels are seemingly returning.

Helldivers 2 is just a few weeks away, with Arrowhead Game Studios revealing the game has gone gold. You can check out the launch trailer for the latest gameplay, but in the meantime, creative director Johan Pilestedt confirmed that the third-person shooter has terrain deformation and procedural generation.

Pilestedt’s response is to an image on Reddit, which showed terrain deforming naturally with explosions. Not only does it enhance the realism, but it adds to the unpredictability during chaotic skirmishes. Procedural generation will be familiar to fans of the original’s levels, though it should be interesting to see how it’s expanded in the sequel.

Helldivers 2 launches on February 8th for PS5 and PC with cross-platform play supported. For more extensive co-op gameplay, head here. You can also read up on the PC requirements. Most configurations will want a solid-state drive to run the game, but it supports a 7200 RPM HDD on minimum settings.