Foamstars Launches on February 6th, Also Available Day One on PlayStation Plus

The 4v4 party shooter releases with three modes and is available for PlayStation Plus subscribers from launch till March 4th.

Square Enix has announced that its 4v4 online party shooter Foamstars will release on February 6th for PS4 and PS5. A new trailer is available, showcasing the gameplay and confirming three modes – Smash the Star, Happy Bath Survival and a new addition, Rubber Duck Party. Check it out below.

Players can matchmake solo or with friends, unlock new cosmetics to change the looks of characters, and also sport emotes (including the usual poses and dances). If that wasn’t enough, Foamstars will also be available for PlayStation Plus subscribers at launch. It’s part of February’s Monthly Games line-up until March 4th, meaning subscribers from Essential, Extra and Premium tiers can claim it at no extra cost.

Interestingly, Square Enix book-ends the trailer by confirming that Foamstars is exclusive to PlayStation consoles till August 5th. It could mean potential PC and Xbox ports down the line.