Death Stranding 2’s Japanese Voice Overs Will Begin Recording in 2024

Hideo Kojima provides an update on the sequel’s development, as well as other projects that he’s working on.

A new year has begun, which, as always, means several developers from across the industry have provided brief updates on what the coming months are going to have in store for them. Hideo Kojima is in that list as well, and in a recent New Year message published on Twitter, he has touched on the upcoming Death Stranding 2 and its development.

Though Kojima’s message doesn’t provide any details on how far away the game is currently for launch, he does say that “some” work related to automated dialogue replacement (or ADR) is still to be done, and confirms that Japanese voice over recording for the game will also begin this year. What that means for where the game is at in the development process isn’t something Kojima has gone into.

Additionally, in his message, he also provides brief updates on other projects that he’s working on, including upcoming horror game OD, shooting for which will take place this year, as well as the upcoming Death Stranding movie, among other things.