Square Enix to Be “Aggressive in Applying AI,” 2024 to Mark “Starting Point” to Further Growth

With the new year finally upon us, Square Enix President and Representative Director Takashi Kiryu has penned a letter stating some of the company’s goals for 2024, and chief among them is implementing AI (Artificial Intelligence) to both development and publishing.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential implications had for some time largely been subjects of academic debate. However, the introduction of ChatGPT, which allows anyone to easily produce writing or translations or to engage in text-based dialogue, sparked the rapid spread of generative AIs. Its release made it apparent that the applicability of generative AI was by no means limited to text, and the subsequent months saw a quick succession of launches of new services and content that expanded generative AI into a variety of domains with close ties to digital entertainment, including images, video, and music. I believe that generative AI has the potential not only to reshape what we create, but also to fundamentally change the processes by which we create, including programming.

We also intend to be aggressive in applying AI and other cutting-edge technologies to both our content development and our publishing functions. In the short term, our goal will be to enhance our development productivity and achieve greater sophistication in our marketing efforts. In the longer term, we hope to leverage those technologies to create new forms of content for consumers, as we believe that technological innovation represents business opportunities.

With the help of AI and focusing more on digital, Square Enix sees 2024 as the “starting point” for further growth.

2024 will mark the starting point for our Group to achieve additional strides forward and further growth. We will articulate our new corporate strategy in the form of a Grand Design and devote ourselves to executing each of our initiatives. Never fearing change and always maintaining a challenger’s mindset, we will work together as one to drive our businesses forward.

Square Enix’s next AAA releases is Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth, which launches February 29, 2024 on two discs, exclusively for PS5.

Are you on-board Square Enix adapting AI more into its games business?