Rise of the Ronin Offers Multiple Dialogue Responses and Endings, Bond Missions Detailed

Along with side quests tied to various figures, players can also form bonds with locations, which informs much of the exploration.

Rise of the Ronin is easily Team Ninja’s biggest game, with a massive open world to explore. Set in Japan during the Bakumatsu, players encounter historical figures like Sakamoto Ryoma and Yoshida Shoin, but your decisions influence the narrative direction.

Speaking to Game Informer, game director Fumihiko Yasuda revealed that there are multiple responses in conversations. During certain moments of the story, you can decide whether a target lives or dies. Interestingly, while players shouldn’t expect a “large number” of such branches in the main story, specific side missions will impact the narrative. There are several endings to unlock, and helping out a character in a Bond Mission could help unlock one.

Regarding bonds, Yasuda says, “So you have a lot of characters that you meet throughout the story that you can develop bonds with. And a lot of side quests are also tied to these historical figures. And they’re also the system of forming bonds with lands and different locations. So, by helping out people in certain lands, you can deepen your bond with them. A lot of motivation for exploring the world is centered around these systems of bonds with characters and locations.”

The approach sounds like a reputation system for certain locations. Perhaps players can become revered or loathed across the land based on their decisions. We’ll have to wait for more details, so stay tuned.

Rise of the Ronin launches on March 22nd for PS5, with pre-orders available now.